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Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapists (NCH)
Member of the Association of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Meridian Therapy Practitioner AAMT

anne thornton patterson

I trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
in London. Helping individuals overcome physical, psychological and emotional difficulties that hold them back in life form part of my main hypnotherapy practice. I have a special interest in trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) and have written books and a client self help pack about this distressing disorder. Please visit my hypnotherapy website (link at the bottom of the page) for more details.

I am an enthusiastic and experienced practitioner of energy therapies. I trained with the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and also Tam and Mair LLewellyn, both EFT Masters. More information on EFT and energy therapies can be found on the EFT website.

In 2004 I trained with Michael Newton and his team in Holland - the first LBL training to be held outside the USA - and went on later that year to become an Certified Life Between Lives facilitator. Since then I have been involved (as an assistant trainer) in the first UK training in 2006 and helped organise the 2007 training in Germany. Most UK practitioners belong to the UKLBL website and enjoy regular contact and support through e-group discussions to ensure we maintain our high standard of practice.

I have practices in Kensington, London (Latimer Road tube station) (see map) and in Staffordshire, in Hints, (see map) a beautiful tranquil location within easy reach of Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield. I will be able to facilitate your session in either location. Alternatively, I am able to travel to your home to facilitate your LBL journey. please note, however, that total peace and quiet is required for a period of about 5 hours. You should be able to guarantee that your session will be uninterrupted to ensure your LBL journey is successful.

Contact Tel: 07930 362492
Check my main website: kensington hypnosis